Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight

(Either is good, with a middle finger)

The last thing you want to be doing after a 13 hour flight is pelting it through Bangkok airport to catch a connecting flight.

I was so excited to spend a couple of hours in Bangkok and appreciate their beautiful airport that I have heard so much about…but NO. Thanks to a delay at Heathrow, we were very late arriving.

Instead, we were ushered out like cows and told to follow a lady to our connection.

What we didn’t realise was the lady was secretly an expert in moving so quickly across the grounds without seemingly moving her feet and our next flight took off on the other side of the bloody airport.

If you have been to Bangkok then you know that the airport is HUGE!

We had to run to keep up with her walk.

We all know that running is very dangerous for me with the amount of weight I carry and should be avoided at all costs, apart from catching a flight, I guess.

I was giving myself black eyes while she never broke a sweat.

I felt like I was in a scene from Scooby Doo; what looked like the same scenery kept flashing past and I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere fast.

No one told me that a surprise fitness test was to be taken during our transfer! I could only be grateful that I wasn’t dragging my suitcase behind me.

By the time we got to security, I was so out of breath that I looked guilty of disposing something orally in my body My legs were burning from all the chaffing, I wasn’t sure what was sweat and what were tears running down my pregnant-beetroot-looking face!

We were then packed into a small departure lounge were I only had time for a super quick wee. Then we were escorted into a bus, taking us to the plane waiting on the runway.

The connecting flight was only an hour long so we didn’t feel like we could express a sigh of relief until our nerves were again stretched like taffy, landing into Ko Samui.

I couldn’t see the runway as we descended, it honestly looked like we were about to go for a swim in the sea! When the wheels touched down, I swear the pilot had mere micro seconds to slam on the brakes before the nose of the plane kissed the arrivals lounge!

A little bit of wee came out…

Finally we were walking a normal pace as we collected our luggage and could finally breathe when we saw our taxi waiting for us.

It is safe to say the holiday was perfect.

It was the first holiday I had been on where I didn’t give a shit on what I looked like in a bikini.

I mean, I know I looked like the ballerina hippo from Fantasia.

You don’t have to tell me; I know I’m fat!

But this time, I didn’t care.

Letting go of that tight grip around my mind was such a huge relief.

I wouldn’t say that I suffer from anxiety, but I have certainly experienced some of its symptoms. For example, having that feeling that people are looking at you, judging, when they might not be.

I got to a point where I feel like I have wasted years on caring about that shit.

F~*’K em! Let them look, let them judge (if that’s what they’re doing).

If they spend all their time looking and judging at people they don’t know, then they are missing out on all the good things that is happening in their own lives.

As much as I love the spot light and all eyes on me, they should mind their own.

When you let go, your mind suddenly opens on to a whole new perspective on life. You start to enjoy things more and clearly see what really matters. I felt like I was able to appreciate the beauty of Ko Samui a lot more. It also helped that Thailand really is the land of a thousand smiles. They welcome everyone with a smile, it was contagious.

As 2020 approaches, most will be planning new diets, going to the gym every day and depriving themselves.

There is nothing wrong with trying to be fit and healthy (of course there isn’t), but there is something wrong with worrying so much on what others think about YOUR body.

Give yourself a little break once in a while, take it easy and do it your own time.

Try to tell the rest of the world that you don’t actually give a crap.

Do I think my sprint across Bangkok airport would have been easier without carrying excess weight across my belly like a flat tyre? YES, of course.

But then, I wouldn’t have had an amusing story to tell.

Life is full of swings and roundabouts….PLAY!

Wiggles and giggles: HAPPY NEW YEAR x

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