Niki Etheridge

About me

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Behind the make-up...


After starting off on a rocky road in life, with the death of my mum at 13, being sent away into foster care and failing all but 2 of my GCSE's; I have had to work my hardest to build a vision into my future. 
My early hardships meant that I was pushed back with my studies. I begged to get a place a college and study Performing Arts with the agreement that I re-take my GSCE's. This got me a place at University to study Drama. 

After graduating, I moved to Brighton and despite trying to make it as an actor, fell into an office job to pay off my university debts. After a bad relationship and being diagnosed with Endometriosis,  I decided to do something different and dabble in face painting which grew into body painting. I was working 3 jobs at the time, living alone, but still managed to see my full potential. 

I am a self taught face and body artist and SFX make-up artist. 

Most of my work has been created from ideas of both model and artist - always original. Not all models have been professional models, in fact, I have wanted to work with real people, who need a pick me up! Even amateur models looking to work in the industry but have no experience. 

During this time, I applied to train at the Iver Academy at Pinewood my surprise I got a place! 


Currently living in Norfolk, UK